1. Fake Plastic Trees (5:00) Listen
  2. Karma Police (3:03) Listen
  3. No Suprises (3:11) Listen
  4. Nude (4:06) Listen
  5. Pyramid Song (1:52) Listen
  6. True Love Waits (3:38) Listen

With the recent 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer this is a small tribute to the album that has inspired me for so long. With some other favourites thrown in for good measure. All piano and voice.

  1. Sweet Carolina [R.Adams] (4:22) Listen
  2. Volcano [D.Rice] (3:33) Listen
  3. Helplessy Hoping [C.S.Nash] (2:12) Listen
  4. Call and Answer [K.Drever] (2:01) Listen
  5. Lies [G.Hansard] (4:08) Listen
  6. Dying Day [A.Mitchell] (2:29) Listen
  7. Ship in a Bottle [Beck] (2:32) Listen
  8. Goodbye England [L.Marling] (3:40) Listen
  9. Like Strangers [Everly] (1:56) Listen

A selection of our favourite covers sung by Lucy Quinn and myself. Recorded on South Georgia: Bird Island in the austral summer 2016/2017. All recorded with a single microphone in the quietest part of the base we could find. Even so, at times the sound of a fur seal calling can be made out in the background.

  1. To Know (2:22) Listen
  2. Edge of Fire (3:04)
  3. Flames (2:05)
  4. Shadow of our Mind (1:52)
  5. One of All (3:18) Listen
  6. Run of Life (1:57)
  7. Snake in my Boots (2:29) Listen
  8. Sunset Skies (1:33)
  9. Games (2:38)
  10. Waterfalls (3:43)
  11. No One Thing (2:01)
  12. On Your Feet (2:10)

The first album I wrote whilst living in Edinburgh. I am releasing it all for free. All the songs are really very different. From slow, poetic songs like No One Thing, to One of All - an analogue heavy, daft punk inspired, 'dance song'.

Because its all so different you will probably hate some of the songs, possibly tolerate others and who knows you might like one of them.

All songs are written by myself. Credit to Rob Webster for violin on Snake in my Boots. All other instruments are played/sequenced by myself along with all the production.